Food Grade Multi-Purpose Grease

(SL35605) - 5 litres, Case of 2 Units


An aluminium complex premium grade USDA H1 grease for use in food production and processing industries. This NLGI Grade 2 multi-purpose lubricant is white in colour and has a smooth buttery texture. Working temperature -34°C to +148°C.



  • Anywhere lubrication is needed where it may come in contact with food, bottling machinery, breweries, canneries, carton/packaging equipment, dairies, food processing & handling equipment, meat processing plants, seamers at high speeds and pressure. Timken OK Load [Lbs.] 40 Lbs; 4 Ball EP 500 Kg Weld; 4 Ball Wear 0.6 mm typical; Water Washout 5.


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